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It was at a time in my life when I was at a very low state, having a lot of questions about my life and its purpose, emotionally challenged. I was at my breaking point. I know that things needed to change. I was searching for a counsellor when an ad for becoming a Life coach popped up. Right there and then something happened, I knew instantly that this is the path I needed to take. Everything started to fall in place, and I was registered for the life coach program. The different aspects of the program brought home to me the reason I was so drawn when I first saw the ad. The passion for helping people, the resilience to push and find motivation even in stressful situations, the drive to help others achieve, came to life.

The name R4U came about when the initial name request was approved then rejected by the governing body. It was time to go back to the drawing board to find the right name. After several name tries which were all taken my daughter came up with the idea of R4U at first it did not sound right. Saying it many times, the idea connected, there are so many R that spread across helping one move forward in life so the “R” can be whichever you choose as an individual that resonates with you.

It could be Resilience, Resolve, Reframe, Renew, Regulate, Rewire, Resolute, Recreate, Regenerate, Relationships, Reason, Relinquish or Responsibility. At some point in our lives we come in contact with one of these that we have to make a decision. R4U creates the safe space for you as we collaborate together to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Novelette Davis-Virgo 

Certified Life skills Coach through an ICF ACSTH program.

I am  Jamaican born, migrated to Canada as an adult, my lived experiences, informal and formal training has driven my passion to the helping profession. My passion is to help those who are struggling with stressful encounters in their lives and are experiencing doubt about their purpose in life, find a way to build resilience and find their true purpose. Having gone through broken home, sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, adulterous relationship and spiritual backsliding myself ,I  have overcome the pain, shame and resentment. Now setting my focus on helping others see and bring forward their best self. The aim is to help others to garner the resilience to find that inner strength to fulfill their life purpose with peace, and joy. Life goals are to be a well balanced and rounded Counsellor/Coach and motivational speaker leaving a trail of highly resilient people who will in turn leave a resilient part for others to follow. I believes that no matter the struggles and stressors that life throws at us, if challenged we can find the inner strength to forge forward. 

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